thanks friend!


Ah, how I tried to have a green thumb this summer.  Some successes, lots of dead plants.

Spekboom – a succulent plant found in South Africa aka elephant’s food; it’s still alive!
Aloe vera – it had a slight run in with my dog Lucy’s violent tail, but still alive!

Dead plants:
Basil plants #1 thru 4 – I planted two at a time.  #1 and #2 stood no chance.  #3 and #4 were doing well until I forgot to water them.
Grass outside our house – lack of water, very dead… but lots of weeds (also dead after this weekend).
Pepper plants #1 and 2 – I’m starting to see a trend between watering plants and their ability to thrive…

Not my fault:
Tomato plants #1 thru 6 – watered, grew tomatoes, the friendly neighborhood deer came and had a midnight buffet… TWICE.

Lesson:  I should only care for plants that require minimal water or permanent, drought-like conditions.  Sounds good to me.

After much lamenting about the thieving deer, a friend brought me some tomatoes today.  Thank you to friend E for giving me these beautiful tomatoes from her garden!  Her charity to the tomato-deprived household will be gladly and eagerly consumed.

lucy and tomatoesP.S.  That’s my pooch, Lucy!  I could tell you some stories about her.  This picture is her classic Jedi face.  She is trying to Jedi me into giving her the bowl of tomatoes.  HA!


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