happy friday!

Happy Friday folks!  These past few weeks, I’ve been really lazy with how I utilize the weekends.  So, I made myself a list of three things I have to accomplish this weekend:

1.  Use up frozen bananas in banana bread (or muffins and with chocolate chips of course)
2.  Finish up the chalkboard for the kitchen
3.  Watch a movie off the Netflix instant queue

Also, an unofficial fourth item should be: stay off Pinterest.  I have been obsessed with all things to do with pinning since I discovered it.  But before I try to abstain from it this weekend, I wanted to share some of the things I saw and may or may not have repinned.  Oh, and follow me so that you can join me in the mad pinning party!

For the sweet tooth:

Moon Pie from Smells Like Home

Moon Pies – Smells Like Home

For the home:

Emily Shuman's Home

I’ve been on the search to fill my home with globes – Emily Schuman’s Home

For the me:

Olive Yew

Dainty and petite necklace – Olive Yew Jewels

Have a lovely weekend!  And actually have a weekend.  Sip your coffee a little slower.  Play with your pup.  Go outside and take in the fall colors.


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