you like to-may-toes and i like to-mah-toes

Yay for more tomatoes.  This weekend, we were fortunate enough to get more tomatoes.  This definitely makes up for the ones that were stolen by the deer.

No time was wasted.  It was a salsa factory at our house this weekend (and by weekend, I mean 3 hours on Sunday night).  Also, some delicious BLTs were consumed.  I just wanted to share a few pictures today, but expect some tomato-related recipes coming soon.  I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of warm weather.

These guys will get roasted in the oven along with some zucchini, basil and sausage for my adapted version of scalloped tomatoes.  Also, many will be lost to snacking.  They are already missing a few comrades in this picture.

These babies will find their way into delicious salsa and tomato sauce.  The boy makes really good tomato sauce.

This one will just be eaten as is with a little salt and pepper, and thick, aged balsamic vinegear.

Here is the beginning of the grueling salsa factory: ten pruny fingers, one spicy tongue from tasting testing jalapenos, and lots and lots of cilantro picking.  Was it worth it?  Ohhh yeahh.


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