hug your animal today

Hug your animal right now.  Whether it is a cat or dog, bunny or guinea pig.  Do it.  Right now!  I had originally planned on introducing my pupperoni Lucy this Wednesday, but life happens.  Oh no, Lucy is fine.  She is happy and shedding fur happily around the house as we speak.

The man (my man) found a dog on the side of the road that was hit by a car and obviously injured.  He drove it to a local vet, and the receptionist was too busy to put down the phone at the sight of a man holding a bleeding dog.  Anyways, I won’t get into the story further.  It might make me angry all over again.

Just go and hug your animal.  Spoil them with some treats.  Give them an extra scoop of food.  Kiss them on the head.  NOW!  Please?

By the way, I am a bleeding heart.  Man is also a bleeding heart (he will not admit this).  This is what happens when two bleeding hearts meet.  This isn’t the first stray we have tackled together.

UPDATE:  They were claimed by their owner.  And by they, I forgot to mention that another dog was found with the injured one.  They were buds of course.  But both have been claimed by the same owner.  The injured dog went to the vet.  I think I’ll call the owner tonight to see how the pup is doing!  But yay!!!



      1. Woohoo, great result! Aww thanks, it’s the creatures big and small that make us smile the most :))

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