why are you bleeding?

Oh my dearest, sweetest, dingle-hopper Lucy.  So this happened last Thursday morning.  The boy takes Lucy out for her morning “routine” before he heads out to work.  He then pops her back into the house.  She usually finds her way back into the bathroom and sits by my feet while I finish getting ready.  This particular morning, it was taking her a while to come find me.  I gave her a quick call, and I didn’t really look, but I knew she was walking around behind me.

I finish getting ready and turn around to head to the kitchen for my coffee.  When I turn around, I see little spots of blood everywhere.  And when I say everywhere, I MEAN EVERYWHERE.  My first thought, “Lucy, are you getting your period?!”  Ridiculous.  My dog has been spayed for a very long time now.  It finally dawns on me that she is probably hurt.  I quickly call the boy, and we figure out that she probably snagged her paw on our front porch.

I called Lucy into the kitchen and held her paw until it stopped bleeding.  I took a look at it, and she had torn up part of her of pad.  She seemed okay for the time being, so I got to clean up all the little blood spots in every room of the house.  Needless to say, she is benched for the next few weeks until her paw heals up.  She already is acting depressed, so this is going to be very difficult.

But this was the perfect weekend to keep her inside because it looked like this outside.  Lots of rain, unexpected hail.  Lucy and I watched from the comfort of the bed.


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