feeling unhealthy

This post may sound timely since it comes right after Thanksgiving and right before the holidays, but I am feeling very unhealthy.  And no, it isn’t because I just ate my body’s weight worth of food over this past week.  I have felt this way for a while!  I think it all started right before my big move.

The problems:
I eat out at restaurants more.  I make terrible decisions about food.  I haven’t been making an effort to eat a balanced diet.  I eat too much!  And the rain makes it hard for me to move (very dramatic.. I know).

The solutions:
Pack lunches.  Eat breakfast.  Eat more green stuff.  Eat smaller meals with more healthy snacks.  Find a gym.

Sounds easy enough!  HA!  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Also, I’m not waiting until the new year, I’m starting now.


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