oh my cecils

Although that may not be the prettiest food picture you’ve seen, let me tell you, don’t judge a book by its cover.  This sandwich is called Just Like New York from Cecils Deli in St. Paul.  I have never liked coleslaw.  I found it too soggy and mayo-ish for my liking.  I like coleslaw now JUST BECAUSE of Cecils.  It was fresh and had lots of crunch to every bite.  The onion roll was fresh and had good pleasant onion flavor..  The pastrami… I could just eat that pastrami for the rest of my life.

R has been raving about this place since we first started dating, but we never got a chance to go there.  So, our first day out and about, we were on a mission.  He had the Russian Reuben (picture below).  I didn’t like sauerkraut or rye bread before I had a taste of this sandwich.

It is one of those places where you aren’t really talking to whoever is across the table.  Instead, you are stuffing your face like it is your last, delicious meal.  Are you still reading this?!  Go right now and get your own piece of deli heaven.


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