rah, rah, rah for ski-u-mah!


If Lucy could go to college, she would go to the University of Minnesota of course!  We picked up some Gopher gear while we were visiting the homestate, and we had to get this for the goose.  It was strangely nostalgic walking through campus and seeing all the buildings where I spent four years of my life.  Also, it was strange seeing green grass and having to take my light jacket off in the middle of November.  Weird.  Where was the snow and freezing temperatures I was hoping for?!


On a completely unrelated yet related note, I am curious for all you dog owners (or pet owners), how you take the best photo of your dog?  I had to fight with Lucy to get this one mediocre picture of her amidst the 500 outtakes.  I mean it.  In this picture, I have literally tackled her to the kitchen floor and am sitting on top of her with 10 pictures flashing in a row.

Whatever, I was just trying to get a picture of Lucy being so cute with her new collar, and instead, I am now the ASPCA’s #1 enemy.  I blame your chubby, furry neck rolls Lucy dog!


One comment

  1. Get another person there to play with her! Our dogs are super camera shy but if you can get them to play with someone they dont even notice.

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