my new obsession

photo (1)Alright folks.  I have finally entered the digital age!  And by that, I mean my dumb-phone has been replaced by a smartypants-phone!  It was a very unexpected Christmas present from R hidden in the bottom of my stocking.

Even though he got it for me to organize my life and consolidate all my crazy to-do lists, email accounts, and calendars.. I have been just obsessed with Instagram (and a game called Flow).  And naturally, my muse and model has been none other than the Lucy pup.  She tolerates a phone in her face more than a camera, so I’ve been getting some good shots of her.

Anyways, happy Friday!  Enjoy some Lucy in your life.  If you think she’s cute, leave a comment.  I’ll give the cute dog a cookie for every comment I get on this post (the dog made me write that).  And if you have Instagram, come follow me and my crazy life in pictures.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Mine is starting off right by catching a showing of Les Miserables with a girlfriend after work!  TGIF.



  1. Glad you enjoy your new “toy”. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Lucy. She looks like a real sweetie :-}

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