empty walls



Well look at how the time flies.  This time last year, I’m not sure R and I had even dreamt that we would be purchasing our first house, but it will soon be a year since we’ve moved into our home.  CRAZY.  Slowly but surely, we are making this place feel like our home.

The to-do list for our house seems endless.. literally.  When we reach the bottom of the list (not that we’ve reached the bottom), we find five more things we can add.  It can be very overwhelming, but I try to put my crazy we’ve-got-to-do-everything-now attitude at bay.  And only because half the things I want to do I can’t do on my own.

But I can do some things like paint, pick out the perfect kitchen table (work in progress), and decorate.  All my life, I’ve never really been someone to hang pictures or posters on my walls (minus a few years where the Backstreet Boys covered the pink bedroom of my youth), but I’ve really become obsessed with it lately.  We have some nice large wall space that could be interesting to display lovely things.  Here are some that I am coveting.


Amy Nelson Art & Design @ Etsy


Amber Alexander @ Etsy


Red Cruiser @ Etsy


strawberryluna @ Etsy


Locality @ Etsy


Slight Clutter @ Society6


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