slowly moving


Oh yikes.  These last few weeks have been a blur.  Life has been crazy in terms of work and play.  I am ready for a white sandy beach with a fruity umbrella drink in my hand.  Alas, that fantasy is not the cards for the foreseeable future.  Maybe if I finally plan this wedding, a honeymoon along those lines will come true.

Speaking of the wedding, I’ve made some progress.  I’m actually getting a little more excited about it the more I do.  And, I really haven’t done much so imagine how excited I will be when I really get going!  I have started looking at photographers in the local area for engagement photos.  This has proven to be a monumental task.  I fall in love with every photographer’s blog and their work.  I guess the next step is sitting down with a few of them.

And the next monumental task I tackled was trying to find a venue.  This has been very difficult.  R and I want to have a very intimate, family-only wedding with a maximum of 50 people.  It seems like a lot of the venues I see are better suited for 300 people, but I think I am getting close.  And once we have a venue picked out, then comes a date.  I feel like if I feed my family a date, that might satiate them for the time being.

Being in Washington and wanting to get married in Minnesota has made planning really difficult.  R and I have talked about getting eloped more and more lately…

Pinterest is a bride-to-be’s best and worst tool.  It’s amazing to see what other people are doing to celebrate their day and having that quick luxury of pinning it to save.  It is also very easy to get distracted and have a crazy fantasy wedding built on your board or as I sometimes refer to it as the never ending wedding.  It is so hard to not get sucked in.  These are just a few of my favorite things from my Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest.



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