lucy had a weird day

photo (4)

When I got home from work on Tuesday night, the other human in the house pointed to my camera on the counter.

“What’s my camera doing out here?  Do you want me to look at a picture?”

A nod comes from the other human.  So, I hit the display button, and what do I see?!  Lucy’s current favorite, tattered, chewed-through, hanging-on-by-a-prayer, dirty frisbee.  What do I see on the frisbee?  Two brown logs.  And folks, I don’t mean actual logs.  I mean, two pieces of poop.

I absolutely could not control the reaction that came afterwards.  Lots of laughing.  Well, I suppose it was more like giggling mixed in with gasps of pure amazement.

“What the heck?!  Why would she poop on her frisbee?”  These questions were met with silence.  Apparently Lucy’s other owner did not find this event amusing.  AT.  ALL.

Short story, the frisbee was promptly thrown away after the evidence was captured on the camera.

Here’s the background… Lucy is very protective of her frisbees and needs to know where they are.  She keeps them in them in her sightline at all times pretty much when she is outside.  And when she has to use the doggy room, she usually takes it along with her, but holds on to it with her mouth.  So it was quite a shock to the other human that she would put it down and the defecate on it all while he was yelling at her.  Just recreating this event in my head makes me giggle.  Apparently, Lucy wants a new frisbee.

Then, I got home, and she got a little weirder.  I also recorded the evidence.  Behold, my dog.  All in the same day.

All I got from the other owner after I took this video was, “Don’t encourage her.”


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