the dilemma



Ah, let this be a warning to you. The following post is about petty girl problems. This is not a life and death situation. This is not about something that is going to affect world hunger or peace. It is a stupid, petty girl problem, but I need a place to gripe about it anyways. Thanks!

When I was a little girl, I imagined that my wedding would be filled with a cornucopia of pink flowers. There was a wedding cake that reached into the heavens (also covered with a cornucopia of pink flowers). There was a beautiful white dress that made me look like a cupcake, and a crowd of loving friends and family to witness all of this frivolity. I’m not saying that a wedding is frivolous. I am talking about the fact that I imagined every other detail except the man at the end of the aisle.

My idea of a wedding has drastically changed now. Now, I see the wedding ceremony as a place in time to declare your commitment to your other half in front of the most important people in your lives. I see it as a way to be accountable for your actions when it comes to your marriage. It’s about to get a little mushy. Now that I have found the person I want to live with and love for the rest of my life, the little details don’t seem so important. The wedding seems like a tiny blip on our timeline.

And then again, now that I have actually started planning a smaller, family-only wedding, there are things I wish I could have at my wedding (curse you Pinterest). Things that would seem very ridiculous for a wedding of 30 people especially with the venues I fell in love with. There have been a few meltdowns, but mostly, I am excited now about our wedding. I am excited about becoming a wife. I am excited to mark the “official” beginning of our family. I’m absolutely sure there will be a few more meltdowns, but today, I am happy. I am happy today.



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