dark ‘n’ stormy


It has actually been the opposite here.  It has been hot, hot, hot and sunny!  This weekend was full of yard work.  Yup, we chose the hottest weekend, maybe even record-breaking, to do as much yard work as possible.  We had a line of about 12 ferns in our front yard that we decided to pull out.  We had maybe 20 ferns lining our driveway that we also decided to pull out.  And then there were the three ginormous bushes that also went including the infamous dead tooth.  This is the name I gave the big, dead bush at the start of our driveway.  An ugly scab on our house.  

photo (4)

Water, that was the drink of choice for this weekend.  Dark ‘N’ Stormy, that was the drink of choice for our epic road trip.  I had fallen in love with the drink before the trip, and I declared my love for it by ordering it every city we were in.  There were really good ones, and then there were the ones made with rail rum in a shady little bar in Seattle.  Even when we camped, we had Moscow Mules in red solo cups.  

Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Ginger Beer
1-1/2 oz vodka

1.  Fill a tall glass with ice.  

2.  Squeeze the juice of lime wedge over the ice.  

3.  Add a slice of orange, a wedge of lime, and thin slices of peeled ginger into the glass.

4.  Pour in the vodka and top with ginger beer.

Be careful!  The spicy, zingy ginger masks the rum.  They are easy to drink.  I repeat, they are too easy to drink.  But enjoy because they are hella delicious!  



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