Since I am notoriously bad at communicating…

Since I moved a couple states away from everything and everyone…

Since I don’t know how to email or call people properly…

Since I have been wanting to start a new blog for a while… (a blog in ’08 about a life-changing trip, a dead Tumblr…)

Since everyone and their dog maintain a blog… (adding to the white noise)

Since I need to write for my own enjoyment…

Since I believe that everyone is hugely interested in my life…

Since I need a hobby…

Since I need accountability…

I will document things about my dog, my impending wedding, my procrastination skills extraordinaire, my so called DIYs, my house, my man (I’m not sure he would appreciate me writing about him…), my cooking adventures, ya know.. musings, observations, adventures and life lessons through my eyes.

So I hope you will read along.  I’m not sure you’ll learn anything, but I will try my hardest not to bore you (no Excel spreadsheets, well no promises).  Thank you for reading.



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