goodbye 2014


Another chapter coming to a close as January 1 looms in the background. For the past few years, it is always the same bag of feelings. A little sadness as the holidays flash by before your eyes. A little regret for the things I couldn’t muster enough courage to do. A little anxiety as I think about the things I didn’t accomplish. And a little relief to “start over” in the new year.

This is usually the time of year where people begin making a mountainous list of resolutions they want to commit to in the new year. I’ll just make one this year (besides eating less candy). I resolve to be present. That means actively listening to those around me. Putting down my array of devices. Taking control of each day with confidence. Showing up and giving my all regardless of which side of the bed I woke up on. Calling my friends and family. Using every waking hour. Trying new things. Basically, getting up and smelling the roses kind of thing.

What resolutions are you making in the new year? Are they realistic? Or are they lofty and possibly unattainable? Wherever they land on that spectrum, I wish you good health and joy in the new year.


so it’s a friday night


Life has been hectic lately!  The joys of being a homeowner finally kicked in.  And by joys, I mean absolutely frustrating, hair-pulling-out, makes me want to punch a wall but I won’t since that would be another thing to fix, this sucks BIG ONES.  So currently, parts of our house are rotting, ugly, or just plain leaking (as of last night’s crazy ass storm).  Why did everyone tell us to buy?  No, rent.  For all of you renters, keep on renting!  Rent until you can’t rent no more.  I’m gonna go buy a can of neon green paint and paint a wall so I can remember why I am a homeowner.  So I can paint a freaking wall?!  The light at the end of the tunnel is pulsing red and slowing disappearing right now.

In another area of my life, I could use some happy and positive thoughts.  A few months ago, Lucy had a leg injury.  Not a visible one, but she was limping.  We figured she was tired from swimming and didn’t think much of it.  A few days later, she was drooling.  Not like your average dog drooling, she was drooling a lot.  We took her to the vet, and they really couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  They sent us home with some advice to keep her inside and inactive and some meds.

Well, we gave her time to heal and then began walking her again.  The limping came back after she was active.  It would go away after a few days, but she was clearly not using her leg as much.  So last weekend, she had a pretty exciting one as we were staying with friends and helping them move.  She has been limping ever since.  Tomorrow, we take her in to the vet again.  Cross your fingers that they figure out what is wrong with her.  It breaks my heart to see her in pain.  It’s worse because she can’t tell me exactly what hurts.

Also, last but not least!  Please think some good thoughts for my brother’s girlfriend.  Her dog went missing over the weekend.  She’s received some tips that has led them to believe that someone picked her dog up and sold him.  They went looking for him again tonight received more tips about the guy who sold him.  Let’s hope we can get the pup home to where he belongs.

Sorry this was such a bummer.  TGIF!  And happy weekend!

i vote second weekend

photo (10)

Yikes.  I love summers, but most of the time, I feel like I get no weekends in the summer.  It is go, go, go!  And Sunday night rolls around.  What?!  What do you mean I have to go back to work?!  You mean I don’t get a three-month vacation anymore during the warm, sunny and glorious months?  Even in a state (and city) where on average there are 228 cloudy days?!  Oh-kay.  That stinks… A LOT.  


discovering (north) america part one

Road Trip-001

So much fun.  If I had to sum up my latest adventure in three words, those would be it.  Eight days, three states, three nights of camping, one border crossing.  Reconnected with a friend and made a new one.  Nights full of satisfying chili dogs made by campfire.  Strip clubs, fried chicken and biscuits, OBSERVING WorldNakedBikeRide, and most importantly Dark ‘N’ Stormys.

I think we get so wrapped up in traveling overseas to different countries that we forget what a beautiful country we live in.  Not knocking the international travel at all, but this trip opened up my eyes to how many places I haven’t been to yet within our 50 states (and our dear neighbor Canada).  Even within the three different states we drove through, there are pockets of vastly different cultures… can we say Portland?

So much fun!  I am going to create mini guides to Portland and Vancouver based on our trip.  If you want to know anything specific about the trip, feel free to leave a comment or something!

Have a lovely weekend folks!  It is about to get hot in the PNW.  Too hot actually!  Oh well.  Beats rain.

here i go again on my own

photo (2)

Wow.  After neglecting the blog for a while, it just gets easier and easier to keep on neglecting.  It’s like when you’ve had a fight with a loved one, and you want to talk to them and apologize… you keep thinking about it.  You want to do it.  You sincerely have all the intentions, but the longer you go without talking, the easier it is just to ignore that nagging voice inside your head.  That is what neglecting your blog is like!

Alas, I am back.  It has been a busy couple of weeks, and it is just the beginning to what I thought was going to be a relatively quiet summer.  I can’t wait to share with you what I have been up to while I was MIA.  That will be my focus for the next few posts!

no fear of perfection



Note to Self

When I first read this quote, I felt depressed.  I am a perfectionist, although that word has lost its meaning now.  I fret about all the nitty, gritty details.  I want every single thing to be right.  I worry about the stuff I cannot and will not ever be able to control.  How exhausting!

In other words, don’t worry and stress about being perfect because it’s not tangible.  I want to spend more time enjoying the present and the experience that goes with it instead of locking on to some distant future of what I want my life to be.  I want to be here.

around the world in 14 days


Cape Town, South Africa | Photo by me!

Okay, slight exaggeration.  I am definitely not going around the world, but there is some traveling in the next few days ahead.  Enough to make this homebody feel slightly uncomfortable, and well, stressed to the max!  But, trying to stick to my new year’s resolution, I am trying to find ways to be calm and relaxed.  Soo much easier said than done.