so it’s a friday night


Life has been hectic lately!  The joys of being a homeowner finally kicked in.  And by joys, I mean absolutely frustrating, hair-pulling-out, makes me want to punch a wall but I won’t since that would be another thing to fix, this sucks BIG ONES.  So currently, parts of our house are rotting, ugly, or just plain leaking (as of last night’s crazy ass storm).  Why did everyone tell us to buy?  No, rent.  For all of you renters, keep on renting!  Rent until you can’t rent no more.  I’m gonna go buy a can of neon green paint and paint a wall so I can remember why I am a homeowner.  So I can paint a freaking wall?!  The light at the end of the tunnel is pulsing red and slowing disappearing right now.

In another area of my life, I could use some happy and positive thoughts.  A few months ago, Lucy had a leg injury.  Not a visible one, but she was limping.  We figured she was tired from swimming and didn’t think much of it.  A few days later, she was drooling.  Not like your average dog drooling, she was drooling a lot.  We took her to the vet, and they really couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  They sent us home with some advice to keep her inside and inactive and some meds.

Well, we gave her time to heal and then began walking her again.  The limping came back after she was active.  It would go away after a few days, but she was clearly not using her leg as much.  So last weekend, she had a pretty exciting one as we were staying with friends and helping them move.  She has been limping ever since.  Tomorrow, we take her in to the vet again.  Cross your fingers that they figure out what is wrong with her.  It breaks my heart to see her in pain.  It’s worse because she can’t tell me exactly what hurts.

Also, last but not least!  Please think some good thoughts for my brother’s girlfriend.  Her dog went missing over the weekend.  She’s received some tips that has led them to believe that someone picked her dog up and sold him.  They went looking for him again tonight received more tips about the guy who sold him.  Let’s hope we can get the pup home to where he belongs.

Sorry this was such a bummer.  TGIF!  And happy weekend!


i vote second weekend

photo (10)

Yikes.  I love summers, but most of the time, I feel like I get no weekends in the summer.  It is go, go, go!  And Sunday night rolls around.  What?!  What do you mean I have to go back to work?!  You mean I don’t get a three-month vacation anymore during the warm, sunny and glorious months?  Even in a state (and city) where on average there are 228 cloudy days?!  Oh-kay.  That stinks… A LOT.  


two treats for lucy

Here’s a very cute video of Lucy getting treats!  Happy hump day.  It feels good that we’ve reached the middle of the week.

And may I just say that I am ready for some sunshine and warmer weather?  All this “cold” and rain forces me come home from work and change straight into my pjs (hence the lack of blog posting).  Until the weather lightens up, I am going to cuddle this sweet dog and become dormant.

rah, rah, rah for ski-u-mah!


If Lucy could go to college, she would go to the University of Minnesota of course!  We picked up some Gopher gear while we were visiting the homestate, and we had to get this for the goose.  It was strangely nostalgic walking through campus and seeing all the buildings where I spent four years of my life.  Also, it was strange seeing green grass and having to take my light jacket off in the middle of November.  Weird.  Where was the snow and freezing temperatures I was hoping for?!


why are you bleeding?

Oh my dearest, sweetest, dingle-hopper Lucy.  So this happened last Thursday morning.  The boy takes Lucy out for her morning “routine” before he heads out to work.  He then pops her back into the house.  She usually finds her way back into the bathroom and sits by my feet while I finish getting ready.  This particular morning, it was taking her a while to come find me.  I gave her a quick call, and I didn’t really look, but I knew she was walking around behind me.


the many faces of lucy

With no further wait, here is my pooch the Lucy Dog:

I’m going to spoil my little pup rotten this weekend.  Remember to hug your animals.  Happy weekend folks!

hug your animal today

Hug your animal right now.  Whether it is a cat or dog, bunny or guinea pig.  Do it.  Right now!  I had originally planned on introducing my pupperoni Lucy this Wednesday, but life happens.  Oh no, Lucy is fine.  She is happy and shedding fur happily around the house as we speak.