the news

I guess I want to begin by saying that I have no idea what those families in Connecticut are feeling, and I am not sure I can even stand to try and imagine.  I felt as though I kept reading every article there was about it because it just did not seem real.  I felt like if I kept reading different articles, that maybe the number of innocent lives lost would change to zero.  Or that it was a hoax story.  I kept reading.  CNN, local newspapers… I just kept reading hoping that the outcome would be different, more positive if you can even say that about a mass shooting.

But as if what happened at school wasn’t terrible enough, I saw a stream of articles about other tragedies.  I remember why I stopped reading the news.  Reading through those articles, I felt myself losing faith in mankind.  Children in China being attacked by an assailant with a knife.  A father who brutally murdered both his children being released.  A fifteen-year-old girl being gang raped.  I am not stupid, and I don’t want to be ignorant.  But I cannot believe the pain we inflict on each other.

I guess I am not sure exactly where I am going with this.  I think I just wanted to say, I am not sure I believe that everyone is good like I used to believe when I was young.  It is a hard lesson that I have been learning over and over again.

As we have the families of Newtown in our thoughts and prayers, let us all take some action.  Let’s be good to one another, loved ones and strangers alike.  Let’s not let this kind of thing be wary of each other, but we should be good to one another.  I know that sending out kindness and love won’t change everything or prevent things like this from happening, but at least we will treat each other the right way.  Because there is one thing that is for sure, we are very rarely in control of when we say our final good-byes.