dreaming of a white christmas

Very doubtful that Washington will have a white Christmas, but hey, this is how I started off my week!  I think I’ve had more snow days here than I ever had in my entire 20-something years in Minnesota.  It is so bizarre.  My first Christmas away from my family, and I think my first Christmas without snow.  I won’t get into the feelings I have attached to that, but let’s just say I never understood why people cried during Christmas songs on the radio until this year.

I hope everyone has a chance to breath around the holidays.  I sure need to remember that for myself.  That is, of course, after my bake-a-thon on Saturday.  After that, I will breath.  Happy weekend!



Ran out of Parmesan… Mozzarella used as substitute. Definitely use Parmesan though.

The air is crisp, wait no, I take that back.  The air is moist with the mist of the Pacific Northwest.  Let’s not tell lies here.