goodbye 2014


Another chapter coming to a close as January 1 looms in the background. For the past few years, it is always the same bag of feelings. A little sadness as the holidays flash by before your eyes. A little regret for the things I couldn’t muster enough courage to do. A little anxiety as I think about the things I didn’t accomplish. And a little relief to “start over” in the new year.

This is usually the time of year where people begin making a mountainous list of resolutions they want to commit to in the new year. I’ll just make one this year (besides eating less candy). I resolve to be present. That means actively listening to those around me. Putting down my array of devices. Taking control of each day with confidence. Showing up and giving my all regardless of which side of the bed I woke up on. Calling my friends and family. Using every waking hour. Trying new things. Basically, getting up and smelling the roses kind of thing.

What resolutions are you making in the new year? Are they realistic? Or are they lofty and possibly unattainable? Wherever they land on that spectrum, I wish you good health and joy in the new year.


pecan pie

photo (2)

I know that it has only been like… 22 days since the new year resolutions started rolling out for people, so I do apologize for this amazing pecan pie recipe below.  But I have been contemplating sharing this recipe since the minute I took my first bite, so I knew that I had to share it for the sheer reasoning of just getting it off my mind (oh and it is crazy good).  I must admit, I was a pecan pie virgin, but no longer and good riddance.