the dilemma



Ah, let this be a warning to you. The following post is about petty girl problems. This is not a life and death situation. This is not about something that is going to affect world hunger or peace. It is a stupid, petty girl problem, but I need a place to gripe about it anyways. Thanks!



slowly moving


Oh yikes.  These last few weeks have been a blur.  Life has been crazy in terms of work and play.  I am ready for a white sandy beach with a fruity umbrella drink in my hand.  Alas, that fantasy is not the cards for the foreseeable future.  Maybe if I finally plan this wedding, a honeymoon along those lines will come true.


i will have my cake and eat it too…

Hmm, shall my first post be about wedding cakes?  I have only spent maybe a good solid ten hours of wedding planning over a span of nine months, but every time I try to nail some detail down, I get frustrated and put it off.

So, instead of trying to pick a venue or dealing with guests in two different states, let’s focus on the cake!  I know what I want in a cake.  Or, I guess that is if we have cake instead of pies or cupcakes… or a candy buffet… or cake pops in the shape of butterflies flying around the ceremony.  I am just kidding about that last one, but you can see where my indecisiveness can be a little debilitating.

I am not sure how I feel about fondant cakes.  I think they look lovely, but I think I want a more “natural” cake.  These are ones I have fallen in love with.