saturday status

Ran out of coffee beans.
Had to drink emergency coffee supply.
Note to self: buy better emergency coffee supply.
Doing it for caffeine purposes strictly.


i vote second weekend

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Yikes.  I love summers, but most of the time, I feel like I get no weekends in the summer.  It is go, go, go!  And Sunday night rolls around.  What?!  What do you mean I have to go back to work?!  You mean I don’t get a three-month vacation anymore during the warm, sunny and glorious months?  Even in a state (and city) where on average there are 228 cloudy days?!  Oh-kay.  That stinks… A LOT.  


discovering (north) america part one

Road Trip-001

So much fun.  If I had to sum up my latest adventure in three words, those would be it.  Eight days, three states, three nights of camping, one border crossing.  Reconnected with a friend and made a new one.  Nights full of satisfying chili dogs made by campfire.  Strip clubs, fried chicken and biscuits, OBSERVING WorldNakedBikeRide, and most importantly Dark ‘N’ Stormys.

I think we get so wrapped up in traveling overseas to different countries that we forget what a beautiful country we live in.  Not knocking the international travel at all, but this trip opened up my eyes to how many places I haven’t been to yet within our 50 states (and our dear neighbor Canada).  Even within the three different states we drove through, there are pockets of vastly different cultures… can we say Portland?

So much fun!  I am going to create mini guides to Portland and Vancouver based on our trip.  If you want to know anything specific about the trip, feel free to leave a comment or something!

Have a lovely weekend folks!  It is about to get hot in the PNW.  Too hot actually!  Oh well.  Beats rain.

weekend mission: horchata



A Sweet Pea Chef

I’m going to keep this short because I need to get my beauty rest for tomorrow. Basically, all I am saying is for me to be a nice and courteous person tomorrow, I should get at least 7 hours of sleep.

In a past post, I think I mentioned how I want to become a do-er. A person who does things instead of taking a lot of naps and not.. er.. doing things. Not that there is anything wrong with that. And after I do my heart out tomorrow, I’m going to do some more this weekend. My mission, should I choose to accept, make horchata.

Last summer, I made horchata popsicles from Etsy before our Magic Bullet died. But hey! I just got my Ninja Blender in the mail, and I am ready to blend things! Have a lovely weekend!

five things

Sup. #dogsofinstagram

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1. It was a beautiful weekend full of sun. I think I definitely appreciate the sun more since I’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest. I worship the sun. I can feel the vitamin D soaking into my skin and into my system. I take a picture on my phone whenever there is a sunny day for proof, for hope when it is gray for days on end.

2. My orchids haven’t died yet. I see my black thumb slowly turning.. brown? I actually planted flowers in a pot today:

My Sunday project. Goodbye blackthumb.. Hello #greenthumb!

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… cross your fingers for them. The basil that lived in that pot the year before died. Actually, it was like three different basil plants after the summer was through.

3. I need to start cooking again. I made a proper dinner for the guy and I Sunday night, and I felt so out of sync with my kitchen.

4. Home Depot is full of do-ers on a Sunday morning. Lots of do-ers. I need to become a do-er.

5. Digging up razor clams is a fun activity. Sucking up razor clams with your clam gun works out your upper body. Cleaning 30 razor clams, well, it just plan sucks. That comes from almost two hours in front of the sink and a cut to the thumb.

this weekend: let’s stay home

Print on Etsy

As far as the eye can see this weekend, rain.  I plan on keeping myself home and indoors once again this weekend.  I think it always takes me an adjustment period before I can start coexisting with the rain.  Until I feel like that time has come, I will spend this weekend baking, finally reading Hunger Games, buying things on Etsy, and taking care of my patient.