what i’m loving


Poutine at Foster Burger from Portland Poutine

I spend a ton of time on the computer.  For work and for fun.  My time on the internet takes me everywhere.  Whether it is an amazing photo of a place I want to travel to or a wonderful food blog, the things that come up during my surf time are always awesome that I want to remember.  Here’s what I’m loving on the web lately.

  • While we were in Vancouver, BC on our road trip, we totally fell in love with poutine.  Poutine is an amazing Canadian invention consisting of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy!  If we could have, we would have lived on poutine in Vancouver.  We actually had to remind ourselves not to automatically order poutine every place we went.  Anyways, check out this amazing website dedicated to the dish, Portland Poutine.  They have some awesome pictures of poutine, and I think it will be my resource to find poutine when I travel through Portland this weekend!
  • Tattoos, tattoos, and tattoos!  These temporary tattoos from Tattly are like the ones you used to buy from the quarter machines but more awesome!  I so want to sport one this summer.
  • Ah-mazing.  I want to go to every spot on this list of top 10 restaurants and cafes in Seattle.  Definitely go to Analog Coffee!
  • Peanut Butter and Fleur de Sel Brownies.  Must make immediately.
  • Pretty late to the game I’m sure, but if you are looking for an online reader, check out feedly.  It gives you a few different ways you can view your feed.  Clean and simple.
  • And because I downloaded a super cool app, here’s an app recomendation.  Get Pocketbooth.  I want to jump in every photo booth I see, and this is like taking one.. in your pocket!  See very bad example below of Lucy.  She looks like a creep.

photo (13)


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