mexican slaw

Mexican slaw

Like all people, I have a few things I just do not like eating: celery, black licorice, coconut.  I just am not a fan.  I would not describe myself as a picky eater, but those are just some of the things that I would like to avoid if possible.

But there are things that I can eat over and over, day after day: pizza, chocolate croissants, tacos.  Tonight, we ate some delicious pulled-pork tacos with this delicious Mexican slaw.   Now, don’t feel restricted.  It doesn’t just need to be eaten on tacos.  It can be eaten on a tortilla chip.  It can be eaten with a fork with nothing else.  It could be a delicious side dish.  All I know is that it is soo good.  I must share.  Well, I must share the recipe at least.